Save the Noma Dojo

To: Kodansha Publishing Company CEO

We the undersigned would like to show our opposition to proposed plans for the destruction of Kodansha’s kendojo (Noma dojo) on the basis of cultural worth, modern Japanese historical importance and educational value to the world.

We feel that the current building that houses Noma dojo (one of the few remaining dojo of the Taisho period) should be preserved for future generations of kendo and Iaido enthusiasts as it is a monument to Noma Seiji sensei’s kendo philosophy, the site of Japan’s last Tenran Jiai (kendo tournament attended by the Emperor) and the dojo of the 20th century’s most famous kendo representative Mochida Moriji sensei. The current Noma dojo represents for many foreign visitors (kendo practitioners and spectators alike) a real experience of true Japanese culture and resonates a feeling of the traditions of old Japan. Kendo-ka from all over Japan and the world come to train at Noma dojo to obtain the tangible and intangible experience of this cultural asset. If the current Noma dojo is destroyed, the whole experience will not be able to be replaced by a modern dojo.

We urge you to reconsider this decision of destroying the current site and instead preserve Noma dojo as a Japanese historical site for the cultural enrichment of future generations.
The Undersigned

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